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Thread: new scope advice....

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    new scope advice....

    Hi, just looking for some advice in my next big purchase.

    I am looking to upgrade my scope for my .270 that i use for hill work and occasional woodland. I have about 1200 to spend (more if needed) and i dont mind buying used/ second hand or new.

    Does any one here use Nightforce, and can they offer advice on them?
    Is it worth while saving up extra for the Swarovski's?

    I currently use a fixed power scope but want something with vaiable mag and dont mind high mag scopes.

    Many thanks!

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    With that sort of cash you are in top end second hand Zeiss,Swaro and even S&B territory.However with your intended uses you do not need mega magnification which increases your choices and makes your budget go even further.Have a look at Mcleods of Tain who have a very large range of new and little used second hand scopes.Best of luck.Richard.

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    I've never done any serious playing with a Nightforce but some people seem to love them, and some seem to hate them. It is also interesting that I've seen some people say the glass in them isn't great and others say they think it is OK though most seem to accept it isn't to the standard of the big euro names. I don't know if this is a quality control issue and there is a lot of variability between individual scopes or just personal preference but if you are going to be buying one then you'd want to try it out and make sure it suited you and your needs. While people do use them for stalking they are a big lump of a thing which are better at other stuff so you'd need to really love the scope to be bothered taking it stalking.

    My view is that there is little or nothing to chose between Swaro and S&B with Zeiss maybe a little better and Nickel my personal favourite. You'll not buy a variable Nickel for that sort of money but to be honest Swaro and S&B make their money by making scopes which are adequate for our purposes and so you'll not go far wrong with one of them or with a Zeiss if your money will reach that far. I've seen patchy reports on Zeiss customer service whereas I've never seen anyone have a problem with Swaro. S&B make their scopes from used tank barrels and so no one has ever used their customer service :-)

    Be sure to look at second hand from a reliable source, Macleods get a great reputation and have a good turn over of scopes. If you go second hand then your budget gives you pretty much unlimited choice plus if you buy top quality second hand then in a few years time the scope will still be worth what you paid for it. You don't get much better value for money than that.
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    +1 Macleods - well worth checking them out - they have used optics lists on their website.

    Caorach - SD is a paragon of information, please get your facts right. S & B switched to using brand new tank barrels a year ago...
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    I am 46 and about 6 years ago I wouldn't have believed what I will tell you now. Once around 40 the eyes don't improve. The crosshairs of a nightforce are very thin, for me to thin in low light. I still could see the muntjac moving, but the reticle was invisable. The next day with a 243 and a Swarovski 8x50 reticle 4 everything was perfectly clear. I would go European.

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    Nightforce ar really just posh Hakko's. I just don't like them, though varmint shooters swear by them.

    I use S&B exclusively but I am REALLY impressed with the Zeiss Duralyt range. Superb glass and also illumination if you want. All at an unbelieveable price.

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    +1 On Zeiss

    Have a word with 'calton moor' on the forum they are a big dealer of zeiss optics, good pricing and excellent service.

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    Another vote for s&b,i don't think they're joking about tank barrels,i have a couple of the zeniths and love them built like a brick sh@t house,3-12x50 would suit you're needs you might just get one without illuminated recticule new for that amount.
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    i have a swaro z6 and a zeiss duralyt ,i prefer the zeiss

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    If you have a look at Macleods website they have some Kahles scopes that would fit the bill. My choice for your 270 would be the 4.5-18x50 which would do the low light woodland thing just as easily as a longish shot on an orphaned calf on the hill.

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