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Thread: ref help with stalking

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    ref help with stalking

    I would just like to say,after reading some of the replies to the the help required post,I am not one to judge some one either before I ve met them or on some one elses,opinion it may be nieve of me, but I for one hope the anti theory is wrong and will treat this advert in good faith,cheers tony,,

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    It's good to have faith in people, but you have to admit that it seems a bit strange!? Someones first post offering free stalking? Have to be DSC 2 to shoot a 5 acre site? You would be lucky to get permission to shoot a firearm on a 5 acre site for starters. And how can 5 acres be riddled with Muntjac. Thetford forest is riddled with Muntjac at 50 per grid square. That is 50/247 acres which equates to 1 every 5acres. I'm sure the PM's have been flying in thick and fast and hope it is all in good faith.
    I have a few ground rules in life and one of them is that anything that sounds too good to be true, generally is!

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    The guy has advertised for some stalking, found some in areas he is honest enough to admit is too far from him to shoot and instead of turning it down has offered it on the site. Cant really see what the problem is with that.
    I for one think its a good thing and well done to the bloke for making the offer.
    Would be a good thing if people offered the ground that they knew they could not manage properly.

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    He' s asking for some local knowledgeable help with the odd small local deer problem. He's not offering free/unlimited stalking , just a request for a local man with a bit of nowse too go have a look see and maybe cull a couple of problem deer.

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