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Thread: The definative roe call

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    The definative roe call

    I have read a few threads that suggest certain calls have the edge on others. I did not get out as much as I would have liked this rut but I have called 3 bucks in to two different calls. First buck I set up in some woodland and after 20 mins of calling with the buttolo (starting with contact then distress/agony alternates) buck entered wood 20 yds from me and started raking the ground with hooves and antlers. Second two I shot 2 days ago using the nordik. 20 mins of contact distress nothing 1 minute of agony and a buck came hamering in, hour later from same seat a buck came slowly towards my possition (assume he was coming to call, didnt put him off anyhow).

    Comparing notes with friends it would seem there is no real pattern to what works best. One friend used the buttolo on a buck he could see and it didnt respond then a couple of pheeps of the cherry wood had it charging in.

    It would be interesting to get a concensus opinion from the members that use multiple calls as to what works best and when. I realise there are a huge amount of variables but you never know some pattern may emerge.

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    This year i called three bucks with the Nordik and my mate called two with the buttalo, on the same small bit of ground,ie same population of deer, interestingly the two were shot that were called in with the buttalo as they came but not as strongly as they did with the Nordik.
    The three called with the Nordik came very well and right in, fast, furthest one was 40 yards, and were spooked before a shot could be taken admittedly on two occasions the rifle was set up on sticks and they came from a different directions and as they came so close, movement had them running off.

    Had another occasion last year when a buck out in the middle of a big field gave no reaction to the buttalo at all but as soon as i called with the Nordik, he came bounding right in and had his day wasted.

    I am favoring the Nordik at the moment but this may change next year who knows.


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    Never tried a Nordic, I use a Buttalo and a Hubertus as to which is better I am not sure Buttalo is certainly easier to use, some times have great success and others they have no effect .

    Had great success calling in late July 21st -23rd less activity as the week went on by the end of that week getting no response to the call though the rut was well and truly on
    Not sure why but presume that by then the most of the does were in oestrus and nearly all the bucks were accompanying a Doe.

    I have never had much luck calling a Buck that is accompanying a Doe, in fact I no longer even try to call a Buck that I know is with a Doe

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    i used my rotum caller and buttallo in rut both worked but had different results some just ignored the calls others where inquisitive others steemed in but what we found this year was similar to bogtrotter if with a doe they spooked and ran off but if they had been with a doe and then mooched out of sight a couple of pheeps made them come in some faster than others.
    i think it really depends on the deer itself and waying up whats going on my last buck i shot had just chased a buck off across two fields and we had stalked in to around 30 m of the doe and started calling well he was back across the two fields like a rocket ,atb wayne ps i will put footage up when i get it sorted
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    Nordik was ok but not much differnt to the old calls most of us made from roe antlers. Buttalo differnt reed system much beter effect.

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    The best call Ive ever used was given to me by Mr Prior. It was from east europe perhaps Chezc. It was similar to those in the add banner on top of the forum but made of wood. I tried the buttallo this year and to be honest I wasnt ovetly impressed as I didnt seem to have the same control and consistancy of each individual sound. When i gave up a few years ago 1 of my regrets was giving the call to an admirer of it.


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    Had a lot more success with the variable tone buttalo than the old single tone one if thats any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnraider View Post
    Had a lot more success with the variable tone buttalo than the old single tone one if thats any help.
    If thats the one with the twisty cone bit on the front I agree as my mate has one and side by side with the buttolo it was much better. he called a tens of bucks this year and I only called a few.

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    what worked for me this year was , i used the buttolo to call the buck to where i could see him coming (distance irelivant) and then i swapped to my Rottumtaler Roe Call a reeded roe antler call i bought from germany and a couple of toots on that and they came charging in like a bat out of hell !

    the call in the middle is the Rottumtaler , obviously the buttolo to the left and the other is a hand made call from france (never had much luck with it but always handy to have something different )

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    lee thats the fella i have it has a lovely tone to it not harsh like others i have heard, atb wayne
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