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Thread: British Deer Society shoot (Yorkshire)

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    British Deer Society shoot (Yorkshire)

    Well today was the British Deer Society shoot and it was held at Pickering. Thats about 23 miles away for me so it was a no brainer.
    I picked Big Al up at 7:50am as we had promised to help set up the tent and mini high seats on the range.
    Sorry about the photo's again people, had the camera set on Macro again.

    Mini High seat

    Now the idea of the target shooting was a little different today and we would have no definate point of aim, you had to look at one of these beasties and decide where to place your shot, no lines to follow or anything like that just decide where is the kill zone and go for it.

    Then there was the shooting, 6 people in a line all shooting at the same time, first 3 rounds at 140 yards from the mini high seats, then 3 rounds prone at 100 yds but timed to 15 seconds, then 2 off sticks at 40 yds and finally 2 timed at 10 seconds freehand (stood)..
    On the back of the targets are the scoreing marks, so you have no idea how you are doing til you have collected your card after you finish.
    Well the scores started accumulating on the boards and towards the end of the day I was still in with a shout. Infact I was joint top score with 92 points, and thats how it ended but as the other chaps grouping was better than mine he won! Aww well, I was realy pleased anyway and did far better than I expected as this was my first ever competition rifle shoot.
    Big Al after collecting his prize

    Me getting mine

    Had a great day today, the sun was out and TonyC and Big Al are always great company. Thanks lads and a special thanks to Big Al for tutoring me in the past.

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    Sounds like you all had a great day DM. Congratulations on your prize.


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    well done. Sounds like good fun.

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