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Thread: That time of year

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    That time of year

    The itch never leaves, that urge to turn your eye's to the hill's and for the ear's to strain to hear that unmistakable sound of autumn, I havn't been to the hill for several years now, except for recreational purposes, but the feelings remain. At Garry Gualach we would be getting everything ready for the upcoming stag season, we started about mid Sept there. Firewood, lots of firewood, all our guests arrived via the loch so the boats and engines would be repaired where needed and serviced in that order, the girls would be busy getting the guest's dinning room, accommodation and the ceilidh room up to scratch, many a fine evening i spent in both of these room's ( dinning and ceilidh ) with a glass of something and a re-telling of the days adventure's to ease the ache's away and warm the cockles. In earlier years the deer saddles would be taken down from the beams in the stable, cleaned with saddle soap and checked over for wear and tear, the ponies would have a trip down the lochside for new shoe's and all the tack would be checked, in later years we would take the Argo to the dealer and get it serviced, as easy as that but not better in many ways. Then to the range to check the zero on the rifles, a run into Inverness for ammo and a mooch around the shop eyeing the latest German gunmakers art lasciviously. We didn't, have a strict employee dress code, we all wore tweeds most of the time but it was of a pattern and design that appealed to each individual and was generally " of the peg ", the original GG tweed was made in Harris but was very expensive and wore very quickly in all the usuall places, so we would then stock up and replace worn or tatty items from what was available. Grey's gun shop ( long gone now ) was a wonderful place, from a long ago time you felt but in a most pleasant way. It was a great time and I miss it now and likely always will.

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    If my post seems a little flowery and idyllic then my apologies to you all, but that's the way it was for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AltAllan View Post
    If my post seems a little flowery and idyllic then my apologies to you all, but that's the way it was for me.

    Far from it, quite refreshing post to be honest and I enjoyed reading it.

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    Yes, I enjoyed reading it too. Very nice to have such lovely memories

    Cheers Alan

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    Im sure it was hard work but sounds great.

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    thank you for sharing with us, your time at Garry Gualach . It sounds a very special place , i often look through my diary remanisn the days and the people
    i have met


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    Great post enjoyed that thanks , i get the same emotions just before the wildfowling season starts and i can feel the excitement brewing as i write.
    Until a few years ago I used to keep a diary of my exploits and i get great pleasure from reading them back down the years, old mates and faithfull dogs long gone are all in there .
    I havent been as consistant as i should have and there are odd years missing either through illness or lazyness, but i reccomend keeping a diary to anyone who doesn't already.
    My son is coming up 25 now and the last time i had the diarys out i was taken back to the time he killed a rabbit at 9 and his first goose at 10 and the few years after we shared wildfowling together untill the whiff of perfume blew him off course. DF

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    Very good read, you should write a book of your tales and exploits bet it would sell

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    You are to kind, but I must admit the idea of a book has been in my mind for a while, that's a bonnie dog in your picture by the way.

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    HA HA, that did make me " laugh out loud ", well I hope this season brings you many fine days and heavy bags, as for your lad and I suppose with the rest of us the shine of young romance settles as we grow and our minds turn to other things we love but have perhaps put aside in the meantime. S

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