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    Just joined this forum today. I have been shooting for around 4 years now mainly rabbits. Have 22LR, 17HMR and several air rifles.

    Did the DSC1 a year ago and now have .308 and 6.5 x 55mm (bought yesterday). Just really starting deer stalking properly but very fortunate to have 1350 acres free stalking access in Devon with red and roe.

    I have joined the British Deer Society and use their insurance. Feel it is important to support the management of deer as oppsoed to just hunting them. Attended a few local events near Cirencester organised by them suh as butchery events.
    Regards Simon aka Spondoody

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    welcome to the site Simon
    it sounds like you have got the bug big time
    a lot of good folk on here to chat to,a good bunch the lot of them :
    Lucky b***er 1350 acres aye
    (its about time i had a holiday in devon)

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