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Thread: lump on bottom jaw.

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    lump on bottom jaw.

    I have been stalking now for a number of years, and the other day i saw a red stag with a big lump on the bottom of the jaw. I never shot this one but i have shot a few red deer in the past with the same lump. It is a large lump about the size of a tennis ball under its tounge and it is sollid chewed grass. I woundered if anyone could tell me what this is and if it is quit common. I have been told by one stalker it is a defect and the deer should be shot. and i have been told by another stalker it is whare they regurtitate there grass to chew the kud and is not a problem. If anyone could tell me the answer?

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    Could you be more specific ? Is the lump in the jaw bone in which case could be lumpy jaw which is infection of the bone (Actinomycosis) which is progressive or if in the tongue is wooden tongue ( Actinobacillosis ) Either infection if severe enough would lead to loss of condition. If a grass ball in the mouth died at the time of rechewing cud.

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    Isn't wooden tounge notifiable?

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    no it is not an infection in the bone or wooden tongue. it is a grass ball trapped under the tongue. it is noticable at over 100m when the deer is alive. and the deer seems to still graze as normal.

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    Isn't wooden tounge notifiable?

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