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Thread: Mauser M03 - controlled feed ?

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    Mauser M03 - controlled feed ?

    Is the Mauser M03 a true controlled feed action ? I had been told it was but looking at how the bolt on mine captures the round that seems to only happen once almost into the breach. Obviously it is under control on the way out as the case is held by the extractor claw; but I thought the hallmark of a controlled feed was that the round was under complete control on the way IN as well.

    If the M03 isn't a controlled feed rifle, which common makes are ?

    Many thanks !

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    Nope it's not a CRF action, it would be very difficult to make a rifle with so many calibre choices feed flawlessly as a CRF.You're options are Mauser M98, Winchester Model 70, some Dakota rifles, CZ 550 Magnum. Then you are into custom territory.

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