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Thread: super cheap long range fox caller!

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    super cheap long range fox caller!

    been meaning to do this for ages having read the modification thread that someone else did to a foxpro or similar a while back.
    Starting to take my foxing seriously now. have even bought a "foxing calibre"!!

    On my usual tip of being too tight to buy anything I made a fox caller that I can stick out at range.

    • I have two old phones, one a bit fancy (Nokia N96) and one very simple (Samsung flip, 15 new a while ago as a backup!)
    • two PAYG SIM cards with a fiver credit on each (SIM cards should be free)
    • I downloaded some free calls from the web
    • Installed the ones I wanted onto the Nokia (Mouse squeak and Rabbit screech),
    • Installed the Nokia number on the Samsung (and only that number) and fitted the "send" and "end" keys with two little foam sticky things so I can feel them in my pocket without taking it out.

    now the trial and error bit:

    • set the calls you want for the ring and text alert, this gives you two choices, other phones might give you more but I tend to stick to one and one back up.
    • turn off all diverts on the "receiving" phone, that way it rings and rings (or calls and calls) until you kill the call
    • turn off missed call alerts unless you can set it to a call you want, otherwise it will beep after you ring!
    • turn the phone volume down on the "sending" phone otherwise you can hear it from your pocket!
    • use long calls (if you can find one that are minutes rather than seconds all the better, its easier to stop a long call than ring lots of times!
    • you can tape over the screen(s) if you want to block out any light but once the brightness is turned down you can't see it. I put mine in a cloth bag

    as the call never connects your credit never runs out
    I use the texts as a back up and can now do this in the pocket, just requires one character and it sets of the 2nd call.

    I have a little USB charged speaker that plugs in but to be honest the phone by itself is pretty bloody load when you turn it up!
    Put the whole lot in the little bag and hang on a fence, tree etc, retire to predetermined location and try not to shoot it!

    Distance - further than you can shoot! International if needed! certainly the next county
    Cost - 10 in PAYG credit and two old phones, speaker was 10 but I use that for the iPod as well
    Limitations - you need a mobile signal obviously!

    send and receive "modules"

    stealth buttons

    trial run (sound quality of the video from my phone is a big poor, sounds better than the video, think because the volume is so high!)

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    Aldi was selling the speaker for 4.99 three weeks ago some shops still have them, bought four same idea also works with u-call

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    i love this idea! Nice one.

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    improvised fox caller

    As an old timer at foxing I take my hat off to you sir, things certainly have come along way since I started.

    Good idea, a little footwork and save a lot of money doing exactly the same job as expensive electronic callers.

    Regards WB.

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    Very good.
    you can make an excellent fox call using an old baked bean tin lid and a drill. now that's cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigoak View Post
    Very good.
    you can make an excellent fox call using an old baked bean tin lid and a drill. now that's cheap.
    Sounds interesting - please elaborate!

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    Just make sure you have a phone signal, many places I shoot I can't get a signal, stops the wife nagging me but may be a problem using this set up?

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    With no signal you could use bluetooth up to 30yds away. Might be enough distance in most cases.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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