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Thread: Scope for .22

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    Scope for .22


    I have a choice of two scopes to put on my .22lr but would appreciate some of your opinions on the matter.

    Scopes are both Schmidt and Bender. A 6x42 with standard A8 reticle or a 10x42 with a much finer reticle.

    The rifle is an Anshutz that will only be used with subsonic ammo for rabbits.

    They are good scopes to put on a rabbit rifle but they just happen to be spare.



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    classic mag for a .22
    point and shoot

    10x is too high
    you will struggle to aquire targets quickly without a serious amount of practice

    fine for the range and longer range stuff.
    as a test see how quickly you can find a tennis ball with the scope when it has been thrown 40 yds

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    I have a 6x42 swaro on my wee CZ .22 and it does all I ask, the 10x would be far too much mag for everyday .22 type shooting for me.

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    6x42 Every time perfect for a .22 with subs,Swaro on my finfire

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    10 mag fixed will be blurred vision on close up shots

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    have a S&B 6x42 on my 22 bunny gun - does the job very well

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    Thanks for the replies. They have confirmed what I suspected. Will fit the 6x42 today.

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