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Thread: Tumblers

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    After 11 years of using a cordless drill with shell holder and wire wool I'd had enough and bought a tumbler,I tumbled them off 1.5hrs then resized,trimmed,shamfered and cleaned primer pockets,they've had another 4hrs and still not as clean as my old system yet,is that the procedure That most use and how long does the tumbling take,atb swarovski

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    Ultrasonic them first and put some autosol chrome cleaner in your media.


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    Tumblers work slowly and the type of media used can have an effect on the length of time required. Back when I was pistol shooting I would dump say 150 of .41AE cases into the Tumbler and leave it to run over night. The empty out seive and load them.

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    As far as I know the media is crushed walnut,am not impressed one bit with it,it's a pile of poo if you asked me

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    Fully prepare your cases.Add a few drops of liquid brass polish when you put them in the tumbler.Tumble for a minimum of 4 hours.Come out better than new imo.

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    Any particular make of liquid brass polish hunterjohnb!will it ruin the media as its ment to be cleaning them not polishing them,atb swarovski
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    Years ago I bought some lyman polishing paste to add to my media. It did the job but it looks the same as autosol and autosol works just aswell at a fraction of the cost.
    Just squirt about 4 inches into your media, leave it running for an hour to mix in then add your brass.
    Good as new.


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    Brasso seems to be doing the job cheers

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    2 tea spoons of Brasso and cases gleaming in under 2 hours,thanks chaps,maybe it's not such a pile of poo after all

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    I thought there was an issue with Brasso containing ammonia and it weakening brass. Not an issue on an old miners lamp but might be in a cartridge case.


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