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Thread: McMillan stock Thumbhole or Hunter

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    McMillan stock Thumbhole or Hunter

    About to order a new stock for my tikka t3 lite, but canít decide between the hunter or thumbhole McMillan stocks.

    Does anyone use the thumbhole model and how do they get on with it in particular shooting off sticks?

    I use the rifle for foxing too so plenty of shots off the bonnet of the truck, thatís why I liked the idea of the thumbhole model

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    Is it the Lazzeroni thumb hole stock you refer to? I have used the hunter stock and really like it.

    McMillan brought out a new thumb hole last year, which I had a play about with up at Callum Fergusons recently. It feels very nice but I think they may only make them just now for older model Tikka/Sako?? It certainly fitted me well.

    I looked at a Lazzeroni years ago but Callum put me off saying he felt the shape and dimensions were not great. That said I think I have heard folk on here talk of using them.

    I don't know if you have seen the new A3 Hunter stock just as another option, that they also brought out last year? For shooting prone it is fantastic and the heel was dropped slightly over the standard A3 to fit better for shooting upright or from high seats. It is certainly one I would have on the short list for the next rifle I have built.

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    Heres a link to it.

    Its the new thumbhole model I was looking at.

    Just had look at the A3 looks good too many choice now lol.

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    Saw one of these in action the other day at Parton and handled the rifle.
    Tony shot very well with it. My favourite thumbhole is the one in my gallery, but it's only produced for Remingtons.
    Regards JCS

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    Everyone seams to be going for the GRS stocks they look ok, but for a hunting rifle I think they look a bit stupid, I could imagine the farmers comments if he saw me going about with that on my shoulder around his fields

    The Darrel Holland ones very nice shame they dont do them for tikkas.

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    I have a sako mac hunter on my 270. Lovely stock. looking now for a tikka mac stock for the 223. I like the look of the A3 and the thumbhole . Big difference in price though!!

    ATB steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by beno View Post
    Heres a link to it.

    Its the new thumbhole model I was looking at.

    Just had look at the A3 looks good too many choice now lol.
    Thats the new one I was referring to. Callum at PRS has one in stock, and as I said I was having a play with it. It seemed to fit me very well. he thought the new A3 however would be a bit small for my size of hands, although I don't think I have particularly large hands, more the stock is quite small in dimension.

    That new thumb hole though is a lovely but of kit.

    Wont go wrong with anything mentioned so far TBH. Down to what you like the look of and fit. Someone like Callum or Jackson Rifles carry a huge stock of McMillans so always the chance to handle a few there before making your mid up.

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    If you're stuck on McMillan I would just make sure you get one off a dealer's shelf. I'm still waiting for one I asked them to make for me which was ordered in January. Don't believe the 4 months delivery time it quotes on their website...

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