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    Remington LVSF

    Does anyone own/use on of these?If so, whats your thoughts on it?

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    Re: Remington LVSF

    Quote Originally Posted by traveler
    Does anyone own/use on of these?If so, whats your thoughts on it?
    Huge price difference to the sps stainless and not much more rifle.
    What put me off is that there is no drop plate.
    Rather get a sps stainless , get a good trigger and an aftermarket stock.

    I just bought a 243 sps stainless. Very accurate but the stock is for the bin and the trigger is so bad that one checks the safety over and over if it is really on "fire".


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    yes I've had one of those in .308 for a while now.
    I have a low powered scope mounted on it and use it mainly for driven Boar.
    I have recently got some qd mounts and ordered another 'scope so intend to use it for Deer.
    I have changed the stock for a Bdle stock, drop down plate magazine but that was purely my preference.
    In it's Adle form it was just as good as any other rifle I have used.
    I nearly bought a Sako Finlight but the Remmy was in the Rack next to it and after looking and comparing them decided the Remmy was the better option.

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