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Thread: 1967spud Case prep services

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    1967spud Case prep services

    New to the site is our "Customer Case Prep Services" section.
    We are offering a new case prep cleaning service, which entails cleaning your DEPRIMED brass with a state of the art stainless media cleaner. The cost of this service is £13 per hundred for the first 100 cases to be cleaned then £7 per every further 100 cases in the same order.
    We can also further offer an annealing service to bring your brass back to life. With the cost of brass now days with some cases running to nearly a quid a go, annealing your brass makes a cost effective way to reusing old and disused brass back to life. The price for this service is on the same scale as the cleaning charges £13 for the first 100 then £7 for every further 100 cases in the same order.
    We do how ever recommend that to get the best from your brass it would be better to clean properly it before annealing. While itís at "" it makes sense to take the combined stainless cleaning and annealing package that we offer. The cost of the combined service is actually cheaper than either above service used separately with prices at £22 per 100 for cleaning/annealing the first 100 cases and £12 per every 100 over the initial 100 as long as they are in the same order.
    All prices include postage back to any UK mainland address.
    Please also note we charge to the next 100 case rates!!

    If for arguments sake you sent us 170 cases to be cleaned and annealed we will charge you for 200 cases, making the total £34 posted back to you.
    Now offering a 24 hour turnaround from receipt of your cases.
    We are now glad to announce that we are offering a complete range of case prep services. If you find that you struggle with neck turning or simply donít have time, why not let us take the stress out of it for you.
    Services offered are as follows and are priced per 100 cases.
    Flash Hole deburring, allowing and even burn aperture for your primer. @ £3.50 per 100
    Primer Pocket Uniforming, to aid the primer to sit flush with the inside of the case head. @ £3.50 per 100
    Trim to length, we'll take your shortest case and trim the others to that length. @ £7.50 per 100
    Inside and Outside neck chamfer, this can be done with either a standard or VLD type chamfer tool. @ £3.50 per 100
    Expand only, want your cases expanded for neck turning or wildcatting. @ £5.00 per 100
    Neck Turning cleaning cut, we will neck turn the cases to with in 80% of their total which will remove the highs and even the lows for a more concentric neck. @ £15.00 per 100
    Full Neck turning for finished neck wall thickness; here we will turn your cases down to your specified neck wall thickness. @ £20.00 per 100
    All case prep prices are plus postage at £7.99 per parcel.
    We will try to turn round your orders with in 72 hours or less.
    If you need some thing different doing or have any specific requests please E-mail me at
    These prices are the same even if you buy the brass from us or you supply your own.

    more in fo on my site
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    good luck with this spud

    will be great for folks who really dedicated to their chosen shooting discipline but whom are busy with work family etc

    i bought a set of dial calipers off of spud couple months backs, brilliant product for very ittle money...and his reloading videos have been very helpful

    ps i dont know the guy !! just really like his youtube channel and info & help he gives folk on here & on UKV.


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    Youre more than welcome , meant to tell you the garantee for the calipers ran out today not really .
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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    ps i dont know the guy
    Think yourself lucky paul. He's a right muppet!

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    Lol thanks baguio
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    Lol thanks baguio

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    Glass chin
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    Glass chin
    Not me, must be that Dementia setting in? I think you will find that the said man lives only just up the road from your good self!

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    Who are you then?
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    Skull lol
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