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Thread: Bespoke Kennel section

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    Bespoke Kennel section

    I have a new arrival on the cards and would like to divide my kennel to keep it seperate from my current dogs.

    The size is a bit awkward, but I am after a run section with a door bout 4 fit high, bar or wire, galvy preffered but not essential.

    North England or South Scotland

    Any fabricators on site or reccomendations appreciated


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    Tolvi, where i had mine from, reasonably priced as far as galv runs go, well made and nice folk to deal with very helpful, they are based near nantwich in cheshire... and unless its a chiuaha or however you spell it that you are getting i would hedge my bets that a dog would have no bother vaulting 4ft...

    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    cheers all, I have a PM and will get price for a panel off the lad

    Many thanks

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    Try Keith at K and A his highseats are spot on so I'm sure he could do a custom job for you

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