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Thread: Rivers West Smock

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    Rivers West Smock

    Decided to put this smock up for sale because i don't really use it.

    Spot on waterproofness and tough but now having tried it Im not a great fan of the pullover idea (pain in the arse to take off) and have just bought one of the Lowlander jackets.

    Worn it very little since i bought it back end of last year because i found it too warm when i was beating and picking up.

    Seem to be about 130 on the internet so i reckon 80 posted.

    Size - Large
    Colour - Green


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    What size is it Dan'yul san?
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    Knew id forget something

    Its a large


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    How about the colour?

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    Another good point

    Its the plain green one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Newcombe View Post
    Another good point

    Its the plain green one!

    Cheers Dan.

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    PM sent Dan.



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    Sold to Fizzbangwallop

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