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Thread: Finally, buck number 2!

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    Finally, buck number 2!

    I managed to finally get my second buck of my stalking career. I was on my yearly trip to visit Jagare and to hopefully get a buck.
    I travelled down on thursday and we both sat out in the highseats on thursday evening. I was treated to the sight of 2 elk calves and later their mother at ranges from 25-80 yds, a true joy to watch. Alan had a male elk to watch instead.
    On friday I sat morning and evening but didn't see anything. Alan saw a doe that stopped in front of his highseat at 25 yds before disappearing. I sat out alone again on saturday morning, this time in the seat that alan used the night before. I was out at 4.30 and the weather had changed from warm but breezy to light drizzle. After a little while my mindturned to thoughts of other hobbies that I might be better at (it was 3 years ago that my last buck fell).
    Just then I caught a flash of white amongst the bushes and before I could react I saw a buck coming towards me fast, following the path of the doe from the previous night. I figured that this was going to be fast and furious so quickly raised the rifle and got ready while the buck was briefly hidden. At 25 yds followed him in the scope and gave him a bark, he paused briefly and I put a shot in the boiler room. He went straight down, twitched a few times and then lay still. I couldn't belive it , finally another buck. I then saw the size of his antlers and was well chuffed, I saw straight off from the distance that he was a buck on his approach but didn't appreciate the size(my first buck was a spiker).
    From start to finish the whole encounter didn't take more than 10 seconds. I watched him for a couple of minutes and then headed back to the house to pick up my dog. This seemed to be a perfect opportunity for him to get some tracking practice. I stopped at the road and put the tracking harness on Bud and we made our way out onto the clear fell. We headed roughly for the area in which the buck first appeared and within seconds he was on the scent and tracked his first deer to the fall. He was a big boy, larder weight was 41lbs with head and feet off. Antler wise he was a good head as the area doesn't produce much larger than this according to Alan.
    Many thanks again to Alan for his hospitality.

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    Border well done with your buck , cetainly worth the wait . Has the rut in Norway started yet ? or has it finished ?


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    I would imagine that it is coming to the end now if it isn't finished. The season starts here on aug 10th, sweden aug 16th. The buck was shot in Sweden.

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    Well done mate!

    Definitely worth the wait.

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    Well done Toby bet your over the moon someone else was pretty proud of himself as well eh Jonathan
    Congratulations to you both in getting a buck this year

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