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Thread: Small Portable Capston Winches

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    Small Portable Capston Winches

    Right then guys - Have any of you out there used small portable winches to extract deer either chainsaw attachment type or honda engine type. Some info on UK suppliers would be of great help.

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    Seen em on ebay new for around 800
    I know a contractor that uses a honda engine 1 and wouldn't be without it!
    If you have got a quad you could fit a winch to that

    Ebay: 180949972778

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    If you pm brian celt he will give you info on capston winches

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    ours has the honda engine and thinking back we were around the 900 for it.but its a brilliant bit of kit. i use a 350 yard rope with it to.

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    Thank's for your help I have failed to get a PM to Brian Celt is there any other route I can take.

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    Google,click on capstan winch on left hand side of page once on site
    Indespensable bit of kit,absolutely brilliant
    Need to use the correct rope with it,polyester or dacron if I remember rightly,both not cheap but won't then break the capstan.
    I use a 200m bit of polyester rope with mine,on clearfell,so always a tree/stump within 200m
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    Many thank's Wolverine - I got onto the site, seen what I need and have had a vision - I can rig a small capston type winch out of the two speed hand winch with a little of my welsh flare a grinder and mig welder I will save myself a packet.

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    keep your eye on some of the army surplus sites i have seen them on there and a good bit cheaper.

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    seawinch make a range of compact petrol engine winches ,we used a petrol power pack and a hydraulic winch for our boat the winch was easier to control

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