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Thread: Another Little Trudvang GWP

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    Another Little Trudvang GWP

    Well guys, just thought i would share some of my joy with all that are interested. Below (Hopefully) will be a picture of my new aquisition, Trudvang Karlo, i may be a bit biased but i think he is a little stunner! All it needs now is me to put the time and effort in to try and get him to the standard that he should be able to achieve!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice pup, a long trip for you to fetch him, I waited 3 years to get my first bitch from Chris, I am sure your pup will be worth the long journy.



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    Stunning pup mate look forward to here about its progress

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    Fantastic looking pup mate, good luck.

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    Lovely looking dog. Has he been docked?

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    Beautiful. He already has a `look` about him... Lovely looking dog.

    Good luck.


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    Two friends of mine have dogs off this line. I am sure there will be no issues about the inherent ability, rest down to you!

    Lovely looking pup...

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    Thanks for comments, was bit of a journey especially after flying back to Gatwick from holiday the day before! Just had a trip to the vets, which went surprisingly very well, he's sparked out on the floor now though! Deer Man, he is not docked which I can't say I have a problem with. Jamross, as it's been said plenty of times on this forum, the dogs are naturals it's the handler which holds them back! Let the fun begin!!!

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    Good luck with him! He's a bonny lad! He'll be a grand workaholic!

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    Deer Man, he is not docked which I can't say I have a problem with.
    my gwp is undocked and his tail is like a whip , he even left a whelt on the girlfriends are with it haha

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