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Thread: Type 66 and M77 International

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    Type 66 and M77 International

    The first rifle i ever used on the estate was the Mauser type 66 with a Schmidt and Bender 4x20 ( I think ), a clever telescopic bolt mechanism shortened the action and made the rifle a very compact unit, this was a .270 and over the years i found it to be just the ticket. We picked up the Ruger a few years later, I liked the full length stock and its ruggedness and never had an issue with its action or handling, liked the shotgun style safety and was as compact as the Mauser but it was a 30.06, we used the lightest grain we could find but it still left nasty holes in carcasses, I was always a neck shooter so was not really a problem for me, if I wasnt close enough to do that then I wasnt doing it right ho ho, but guests were not always so confident or practiced.

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    With my limited experience a mistake. Frequently you hear people using a heavier calibre with lighter bullets. To limit meat damage get strong,heavy, slower bullets. Use RWS UNI geschoss , RWS EVO geschoss , Nosler partition , Norma Oryx 180 grain, Lapua Mega 12 grams, ..... etc.... You will be surprised how little meat dammage will be with this type of ammo.
    Nice rifles you have there.

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