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Thread: Basil came up to have a go at my deer Sunday...........

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    Basil came up to have a go at my deer Sunday...........

    I was up and waiting on Sunday morning at about 0445hrs for Basil off the site,and,we were going to try to get into a few deer.Basil came at 0500hrs,and,we loaded the 4x4 up,and,we went the short distance across the valley to the market gardens.This bit of land is very hilly with a wood at the top,and,below the wood is where the two market gardens are getting devastated by the hoardes of Muntjac and a good head of Roe,so,I was fairly confident of seeing some deer.We got into place,and,I had told Basil that we would 'Definitely' hear some of the Muntjac barking,as he hadn't heard it before,but,as they say.....The best laid plans of mice and men,and all that...........the morning light came without one bark,and,I was amazed to be honest,normally they are barking at/to each other for the last half hour of darkness and then go quiet just as the light comes up.Anyway,we were esconced in my high class deer hide......

    It is an old steel oil tank with a front loader rested on it......perfect!
    We stayed put there waiting for a Roe to drop out of the wood for a breakfast of leeks,but,the Roe were nowhere to be seen,and,at about 0645hrs I thought we should go for a wander,so we set off across the undulating fields that follow the bottom of the wood,this quite often will result in a Muntjac,they like these fields as they are a bit scrubby and have hawthorn/blackthorn bushes here and there,and,they don't have to go too far without some cover.This particular morning was a bit different though as the first deer we saw was a Roe Buck with a very decent head,but,as Basil got set for the shot the Buck had other ideas,and,just wouldn't play the game,he stayed quartered all of the time,so,we called it a morning as I had to get back to take the dogs out,but,as we were going to leave I saw a rabbit on the far side of one of the fields,and,told Basil to take it out,but,he offered the shot to me(to try the new Z6i Swarovski out)well you only have to ask me once,so I got down on the bipod and headshot the rabbit at 156yds very happy

    ,and,the Swarovski scope is an absolutely brilliant bit of kit,we went over and gutted the rabbit,turned around and there was another almost exactly where we were stood a minute ago,and,Basil neck shot that one,and,as we were going to set off,we then heard a Muntjac barking(at least he has heard one now)so it was off home to take the dogs for a run and some Egg and Bacon sandwiches....Mmmmm!
    After the dogs were led out happy we set off for another bit of land I have,where i had seen 5 Bucks a few weeks ago,but,the day was starting to look like a bit of a cock up,and,none were to be seen,and,as we were leaving the field I saw a BIG Buck right at the bottom of the farm,and,about 600yds away.We set off to try to get a shot at him and we stalked right around a field to a horse chestnut tree that would give us some cover so we could get a bit closer to him,but,as wee spied over the brow of the hill expecting to see guessed it...he was nowhere to be seen.What he had done was cross a small brook onto the next farm,and,followed the very wide Blackthorn hedge to the left and away.I was starting to feel that the day was getting away from me,and,I was desperate for Basil to get something,so,we dropped down the lane to a small field where the farmer had told me there were a few roe in every evening,and,I had missed(completely)a good Buck a few days earlier.It just wasn't going how I had expected,and,true to form the field was empty.I had asked Basil if he would give me a hand to erect a highseat on a small ex-Market garden that is just up behind my garden,and,for those people that have seen the photos of the deer in my garden.....this is where they are coming from.We got the highseat up after a bit of a do(none of the trees were very good for what we needed).Basil then said why don't we go back over to the Market gardens that we had visited in the morning,so,off we went.As we pulled up in the lane at the bottom of the first field,I thought that I saw something right up on the edge of the wood,but,by the time I got the bins ready it was gone.We got out of the car and Basil then saw what i had a second ago,it was a decent Roe Buck,and,we threaded our way through the outbuildings of the small yard,and,came out a bit further up the hill,he was still there,but,was on a bit of a mission,as he was trotting down the hill,Basil skirted the small field we were in to get a shot,but,the deer seemed to be a bit spooked,and,just drifted off into the wood.By this time i really did think the worst,but,as we entered the next field basil crested a mound to have a spy,he motioned to me that there was a Muntjac,so,I crawled up next to him,and,across the field at approx. 160yds there was a Muntjac Doe,and,I said 'Go get him Floyd'. He got ready,steadied his breathing and let fly with a 100grn terminal pill which landed perfectly,and,the Doe dropped after a short burst down the field(tough little buggers).We went over and found her about 35yds from where she was hit,a few handshakes,a couple of pics,and,on my part a big relief at getting Basil on a beast....finally!!

    After Basil had done the necessary with the Doe we were just going to exit the field under a barbed wire fence,and,we saw a Roe Buck,and,as I had left my rifle at home this time Basil kindly offered his rifle to me,and,I neck shot him......

    By the time we got to the Buck,we had an admirer,that liked the taste of blood...........

    so,from struggling 5 minutes ago to having to beasts on the grass,and,it is this that makes me love the sport so much.It was starting to get dark as we drove away from the Market garden,and,we were both very tired.I would like to thank Basil for a great day in great company,and to offer another day out whenever he likes...........cheers.....Martin.

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    not been out for a few days with the rifle
    you pair are so cruel
    nice going Martin
    and well done Basil on your first munty
    small ain't they, but great eating
    well done the lads
    one jealous

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    Well done on your first munty Basil ,good on you Martin a good day n the end

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    Nice one lads.

    A good end to a good day


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    Nice story Martin.

    Congratulations to Basil, good luck for the future and hope you are recovering nicely Martin?

    All the best


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    Nice One

    Nice one mate

    Its suprising how often a day can turn out good at the end - mind you that rabbit doesn't look happy!



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    basil nice one
    met rem at the westcountry game fair nice bloke
    good write up and nice pics

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    Basil came up

    well done basil nice to put a face to the voice thanks for your help the other day,great looking deer,I wished I"d got mates like that,.cheers tony.

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    Nice one lads
    well done the both of you, it sounds like you had a good
    day between you and the deer at the end a good bonus

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    Martin. Thankyou for your invite and your hospitality.
    Rarely do you see someone that has such a passion for wildlife, be it butterflies, birds or deer that Martin has. Long may it continue, along with the bacon and egg sarnies. They were only one of the highlights of a great, informative, enjoyable day out.
    I sincerely hope the memories the Roe buck and the 156 yard rabbit you shot with my .243 will stay with you forever.
    A big thanks to your mum also.

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