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Thread: One of those days.....

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    One of those days.....

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    Friday, hot and sultry weather. Too many folk walking through the woodland no.1 on our rounds and so we just took a walk through, retrieved the stealth cam (muntjac, foxes, badgers, hares, mice) and just generally had a good look round. Loads of muntjac trails, so at midday (prime stalking time....not....or is it?) decided to walk 30 yards off the main footpath (being used by numerous dog walkers at the time) and sat in a likely spot, our backs to a large ash. 3 sets of 3 squeaks on the buttolo and 3 muntjac came absolutely racing in, right to no more than 8-10 yards, 2 does and a whopper buck. Kept them close for a good 3-4 minutes with squeaking. Bloody amazing experience, to say we were so close to joe public on the tracks in the middle of a hot sunny 26C afternoon, it just goes to show whats possible. Evening time, and onto wood no 2, 7pm stalking into position, I was settling in for a good old squeak, and 'wee knobber' ( as he's affectionately known) had thoughtfully given me 5 minutes head start so as not to disturb anything whilst negotiating the high seat about 100 yards away. before I'd even managed a squeeze on the buttolo, 3 shots in very quick succession, bang,thud bang,thud, bang,thud and he's 2 muntjac up. Arse. I wandered off and within 8 minutes, bang,thud and he's bagged another from the same high seat. Sod this. Went over to the high seat to see what the commotion was and took his high seat place as he gralloched no3. No more than 10 minutes later and I get little mr foxy, and another 10 minutes a lovely big buck (40.5lb gralloched) muntjac no 4 goes down - 5 animals all within yards of each other and in little over an hour. Greedy? or just one of those days that comes round now and again?? Makes all the unsuccessful days worthwhile.

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    Well done you two fantastic bit of sport. Now if all the stalking trips evened out you could get at least one every time

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    Well done good work.

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