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Thread: Yeti Gaiters

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    Yeti Gaiters

    Alright folks i'm jist wondering if anyone on here uses Yeti Gaiters on there boots and wot they think of them?

    I have jist been up to a new moor with my dogs and 1 of the keepers swore by yeti gaiters, first time i've seen anyone wearing any for 20 odd years. But bottom line is i have had to pour out and empty the water out of both pairs off my leather boots 3 times last week in fairness the weather was horrendous some days, but both pairs are a very good pretty expensive make and well dubbined.
    Think it might be a better way to go buying cheaper boots and wearing the yeti's on top. But i'm sick of gettin wet feet in decent boots. He was gettin 2 years out a pair for 65 and using them every day on heather a pretty harsh life.

    For those that dinae ken wot yeti gaiters are, they are made by berghaus and basically are a goretex sock that fits very tightly over ur boot and u leave them on ur boots semi permantly. In the old days they would only fit top end berghuas boots as the had a special groove cut into the soles but seemingly they now are fairly universal and will fit most boots but a real struggle to get on.

    Jist wondering if any people had any tried them? Also do shooting boots type leather boots have a rigid enough type sole to take them, he used stiffish mountain/hike boots. On way home a couple of shops stocked them but the folk in shops didnae really ken if my boots were suitable, don' want to spend that money if not going to work.

    Cheers for any advice/experience

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    I bought some off a guy on here for 28 iirc - new in the box
    Think he had a few pairs to sell on -
    Anyway they are goretex and really hard wearing - just make sure you get the right size for the boot size!
    They are difficult to fit but as the rand seals around the tread of the boot it turns your boots into breathable wellies!
    If you do manage to split the rand (rubber seal) after some pretty hard use - its possible to get them redone at a fraction of the cost of new ones!
    I use the gaiters on my lowa goretex boots and think that they are fantastic!!!

    Get some!!

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    I use them and yeah they are good, i have them on a old pair of walking boots (scarpa) with the proper sole. you are right they are a right git to get on and i have noticed that mine are slipping off what is a fairly ridgid boot i think any boot that is to flexable they will not work on. as for waterproof have been upto the top of the gaiter and been dry,

    Main thing is the boot must be stiff mine are capable of taking a crampon which was the main criteria for this gaiter when i first bought them 10-15 years ago, what i have also noticed is the rubber seal on my pair have started to perish after a year but i belive you can get the renewed.

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    I have a pair and am on the third rand. (The rubber bit)
    have had them 18 years!
    swear by them.
    might need a new rand as they dont like sitting not being used and the rubber can perish

    they will work on any boot of the right size but the Scarpa 3 or 4 season boots are the ones with the grooves to fit.
    trick to having superior waterproofing is to silicone them around the base and fill in the gaps on the soles.
    you can use them like wellies then.
    I often dont zip them up, just use the velcro and leave the tops open.

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    I have them and have used them for years. As covered already the only problem is that in heather the front rand seal can pop up over the toe although you can glue them on with aquasure/silicone although I have never bothered as it doesn't happen that often. That said you'll fight with a new pair for about half an hour to get them on the boot!!

    I have mine on an old pair of Scarpa mantas, and as has been said already you need the correct sole for them to work properly. I'm sure the sole you need is called the 'attack' sole but don't know if anyone uses them anymore.

    If you get a pair on the right boots you won't regret it, although folk who haven't seen them before always ask what thy are .

    Cheers Mick

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    Top tip: watch a couple of youtube videos on how to fit em before you try
    Soaking the rands in hot water makes it easier too

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    The scarpa attack was the boot that was made for the yeti although I think it's discontinued now, I don't know what has replaced this.


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    Yes used them hard to fit would suggest you fit them to a pair of boots and leave them there,make a pair of boots as waterproof as wellies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Yes used them hard to fit would suggest you fit them to a pair of boots and leave them there,make a pair of boots as waterproof as wellies.
    If you leave them on the boots will remain damp from small water ingress or sweat, and eventually start rotting. I'd advise taking them off after 2 or 3 days use and let them both dry out fully.
    I have 2 pairs on the go at the moment, a standard pair and an insulated pair for winter use, all bases covered and always warm dry feet with them over the top of my meidls. Used yetis for 20+ yrs

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    Berghaus made the Yeti gaiters before they ever manufactured boots and gave Scarpa the license to use the Attack sole units for use with the Yeti gaiters. Berghaus then started to manufacture their own boots and pulled the license for the Attack sole units from Scarpa.

    There are therefore no Scarpa boots suitable for the Yeti gaiter. Unless you have an old pair with the attack sole unit.

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