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    Winnie Johnson Keith Bennet

    I thought that someone would have beaten me to this post. I listened to the news with great sadness yesterday to here that poor Winnie had died. Today just watched the news a Militaty Brigadier who had lost his son a Military Captain in Afganistan stated you should not have to bury your son but unfortunately some have to.

    Poor Winnie did not have the opportunity to lay her son to rest because of the EVIL Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Sorry if this sounds a bit hard line but the where abouts of Keiths grave should have been extracted from Brady and Hindley by which ever means that gave the Police the information to locate Keiths body.

    But what chance has the Law abiding person got of getting justice when we have deranged eccentric polititions LORD LONGFORD in this case he campaigned for Myra Hindley's release but, even she did not give the details of Keiths moorland grave.

    I am sure i speak for every one on this forum when i say our hearts go out to Winnie's family at this difficult time and hope that one day Winnie be granted her dying wish that Keith be reunited with her. God rest her soul.


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    I was dating in 1988 a lady who was at the time a govenor of a youth detention facility located in kent so I have spent time inside but it was only for visiting her, she had done an accelerated promotion program in the prison service after finishing her degree course at uni, she did have to do some time also in the womens prison service and she had actually met Hindley and she told me that Hindley wanted to be classed as insane because being put in a secure mental environment would have meant she would not have to work as hard as she did in prison but Longford was blocking her transfer to the wacky house as he wanted her to be released from nick.
    Glad she"s gone (Hindley) awfull what they did, they even recorded it on tape - their actions.
    I have not thought about that girl in a long time.
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    + 1 Jimbo,

    I personally think brady should be drip fed for another 500 year's let that ******* suffer for as long as possible pitty hindley got off so lightly.

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