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Thread: Swarovski EL Range 8x42

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    Swarovski EL Range 8x42

    i am thinking about taking the plunge and treating myself to a set of swarovski rangefinder binos. i am keen to hear from people that have been using them for a while as to how you have found them and if you think that the single unit despite the cost is better than looking for a used swarovski RF and set of swarovski binos all things considered.

    thanks in advance


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    Hi KSB!

    I was in exactly your position 3 months ago

    Shall I get the SW EL range and should i go for 8x42 or 10x42.

    In the end i got the 8x42 Rangefinder and I am so glad I did.
    The 8x42 can be used to scan fairly steady with one hind if the othere hand is holding the stcks also which is useful. It has a nice wide angle of view also.
    A fantastic asset and Im very happy with it.
    Having the combination of binos and ranging in one unit makes it very fast and simple to use.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks trimix

    it is a big investment no matter which you look at it. i was out on saturday with a friend and he spotted a stag and spiker at a about 250m, he was sizing up the spiker and all i could see was the stag, i kept insisting that there was only a stag and two hinds in the field until i used his swarovski binos at which point the spiker was plain as day. I couldnt believe the difference, so i am a convert now.

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    I recently bought the 10x42 as my Leica binos which i still have are also x10 mag so thought i would stick with a 10 i did PX my set of swaro range finders as was becoming a pain carrying both so took the plunge and glad i did , lot of money but well worth it.


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    I have had a pair now for about 4 months had a pair of 10 x 42 els before . The 8 are far better they are a big investment but I do not regret buying them . A friend had the Swiss rang finding binos and swapped for the swarovskis .he finds them better as well.

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    Very pleased with mine, glad I took the plunge

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    I've the 10x42's, excellent bit of kit, used to have EL's and a Leica rangefinder.

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    I am almost certainly going to buy a set of 8x42 range el, but am keen to get a good deal. Who was the cheapest to deal with when you bought your set

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    Swillingtons in leeds i found cheapest.

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    Uttings when they had a special offer on optics, something like 15% off when I got mine.

    You will find it difficult to find cheap deals advertised because Swarovski demand a minimum selling price as one of there dealer requirements as far as I am aware.

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