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Thread: Hello from Tomich

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    Hello from Tomich

    My name is Ron Bury and I live in Tomich on the east side of the Glen Affric NNR. I'm not a deer stalker, at least not with a rifle, but work with wildife camera traps; and thought that I might be useful to those of you who use trail cameras to monitor deer activity.

    You can find more about me and what I do on my web site (search ronburyswildlife in google), where you'll also find a large amount of information about the use of trail cameras, as well as general stuff about wildlife. I provide a free technical and user support service for the Ltl Acorn range of Trail Cameras.

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    Hello Ron,

    The Ltl Acorn don"t know which model was on sale in Aldi in Bavaria,Germany a few weeks ago, it caused a sensation at the 120 Euros price and they were sold out very fast some nice people were buying 5 at a time up I guess so they could sell em on on fleabay.
    As you are selling them retail in the UK would this classify you as a trade member on this site as different rules then apply (admin?).



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    Hi Ron,
    Lovely part of the world, used to fish Cannich next door,the trout are beautifully marked.
    One of the most picturesque places in the British Isles.


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    Hi Martin

    I'll bet people were eager at that price. Problem is they'll all be pre-modified cameras which will take in water, as there's a lot of old stock about.

    Didn't think about trade membership as all I was focused on was a member who has a problem with one of these cameras, and needs the firmware update. I'm actually retired and use the commission from any camera sales to buy the gear I need to do my surveying. The support I provide for these cameras is a free service with voluntary donation to help me with costs. I do get the odd favour and test camera from the manufacturers in return for testing, but I wouldn't say I was bought and paid for. I'm just about holding my own and still only have less than half the cameras I need for surveying, so if I was classed as a business, I'd be bankrupt by now.

    Truth is, I simply enjoy what I'm doing and anything useful I can do for others in the process, is fine as long as it doesn't cost me any of my pension. Keeps me fit as well.

    As far as my status on the forum is concerned, I guess any final judgement will be for admin. I'm either here or I'm not.



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    Hi Robin

    I'd have to agree with that.


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    Welcome to the site, as all you are offering is free advice you do not need to be a trade member,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi John

    That's a relief and thank you for the welcome and confirmation. I promise I wont breath a word about selling anything.


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    Im on your side, it is just that there were some very cheeky intro posts in the past.
    My neighbor has bought one of those pre-modified jobs so I will avoid telling him as it will only upset him.
    I am looking foreward to my retirement next year also.
    All the best and welcome to the site, lots of helpful advice here.

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    Thanks Martin. It was the 6210 model I was referring to regarding the water issue and if it's a recent one with the raised control panel, he probably wont have too bad a problem.
    Retirement's that thing where you have more things to do than before, with the option to make them more interesting.
    Thanks for the welcome.

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