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Thread: Tony,s Quad Sticks

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    Tony,s Quad Sticks

    Tony sent me a sent of his quad sticks . Me being of the old school though that they would be a gimmick. I took them out of the rapper and then spent an age working how to open them out. After a while i got them out but only after nearly braking the sticks in two in frustration. I got a phone call from tony asking about the sticks and i informed him of the struggle. "see the red tape he said" Just flick it right and forward they just open out .Well there i goes a flick of the wrist and bingo they were out. Well time to take them out into the field and put them to test. I headed in to town and on the way just on the edge of my ground saw a young buck who was struggling. I hurried to the under pass and headed out in to the two adjacent barley field. The buck made his way out and was feed along the edge. Up with the sticks all four of them and a flick of the wrist out they came but not as fast as in the house. on with the rifle and cross hairs level. He moved along the edge i was think Christ how will i move these things any way just slid on leg round a touch and there he was 150+ mtr,s took him to a nice heart lung shot he dropped on the spot.
    These sticks are as steady as i have used but will take a wee bit of mastering.
    Thanks Tony.

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    Tony was out with me at the hinds and used them for checking zero on his rifle. Like you I thought they were a bit fiddly but so is a tripod or bi-pod until you use it a wee bit then it becomes second nature. Don't care what anyone says, no other set of sticks gives as steady a lean as these. I have a single stick, double and 3 legged versions in the house to compare these to. I have been trying to convince him to take a stand at the fair to raise the profile of them and let folk try them out.

    I know what you mean about lateral movement on travelling deer but they allow for a bit of that as well. Only a single stick allows for a true pivot for movement.

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    I will take them out for the next couple of months and see how i get on i can shot off a single and they work great as that but if i get a wee bit of time for some winter does i will use them as they were meant. I dont need to worry about moving quick from one target to the next because in town i just shoot one and leave. It saves unnecessary Hassle.

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    Who sells these. Atb ml

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    Quote Originally Posted by moray loon View Post
    Who sells these. Atb ml
    Limulus on here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by moray loon View Post
    Who sells these. Atb ml

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Not bad considering how **** you said they were in the shop when you could'nt deploy them fast enough.
    Galloway Deer Stalking

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