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Thread: hello from lincolnshire

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    hello from lincolnshire

    hello everyone from a newcomer i have been shooting over 60 years and possessed most calibres of rifle. i now shoot .22-mach 2 -17 hmr -222-22.250-243 and various shotguns. and i am still addicted to lamping thank you terry

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    hello and welcome was down your end the other weekend enjoying the sun and some very nice fish and chips. just as we were leaving i noticed a sign for a gun shop! I suppose ill have to go back at some time.

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    Hello and welcome to another Lincolnshire (lad), shooting 60 years, good for you, I hope I can manage that long, suppose we ought to arrange a meet up with the other Linkys, perhaps at Dougies, Burgh-le Marsh.

    Enjoy the site.

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    Helllo from a fellow flat lander,
    Hope you enjoy the site I haven't been a member for long but found the site quite interesting.Is the gun club still open at Burgh? Haven't been there since the handgun ban!
    Happy hunting

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    Yes Burgh is still open and in progress of completing a 100 yard full bore range next door to the club and has monthly trips to Beckingham 400m range. I'm an ex pistol shooter and called for a bacon butty a couple of years when I was out on the bike, re-joined and try and get over, weather, work and other things permitting whenever I can.



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