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    I am a new member currently living in Amesbury, Wiltshire. I am fairly new to the area and trying to find somewhere to shoot. I moved down here from Sheffield.

    I have not done any stalking yet but it is something that I am keen to get involved in. I do however have a fair bit of shooting experience. I have shooting rights on a 5000 acre estate in sheffield but it is only for vermin and foxes.

    I have also run a small game farm (pheasant, duck and partridge) and helped in the running of a local (sheffield) pheasant syndicate. I have shot air rifles for 12 years, shotguns for 9 years and rifles for 6 years. I currently own .22rf, .223, .243, .30-06 AI and .357 rifles which I have shot in competition and used for vermin control.



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    Hi Rich,
    not to far away from you, next county over only 20 miles away as the crow fly's, got a very good keeper mate down there with you near Amesbury

    wecome to a really good site.


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