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    222.50 cases

    hi all wounder if anyone can help i am not into reloading well not at this time in life anyway so have very little knowledge of the ins and outs of it but i have a large amount of 22.250 cases mainly ferderal and sako(about 3-4 hundred) are these worth selling or are the just fit for the bin they have all been fired only once and never been reloaded if they are worht selling whats a fair price for them
    many thanks
    sorry should have read 22.250 cases not 222.50
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    not worth anything mate, i will come and take them off your hands.....

    seriously though
    25-30 per hundred. sometimes more if boxed

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    really !!!you should have kept quite lol i would have posted them to you lol thanks all the same for being honest i am just out side edinburgh too (east lothian )

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