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Thread: Meopta Meostar R1R - 3-12x56 - 4K Illuminated

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    Meopta Meostar R1R - 3-12x56 - 4K Illuminated

    SOLD Pending the usual

    Meopta Meostar R1R (Ret in 2nd Focal Plane, Reticle stays the same size through the mag range) - 3-12x56 - 4K Illuminated (7 Settings) 30mmTube. Manufactured in Feb 2011. Bought new by me in April 2011, fantastic optics, very bright and crisp, Boxed, Paperwork, Rubber lens covers. I bought the sunshade separate and will include that too. There are two little 1mm scratches (see photo) on the underside of the tube which don't show and are of no detriment to the scope in any way. The scope is totally immaculate in every other respect, no mount marks or crimps. Warranty registration card not filled in. Superb optics, illumination is spot on too.

    Has not been used for a while now so it can go.

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    SOLD Pending the usual

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    Whoever bought this has just, imo, bought the best glass out there.
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    Yup, Im a big fan of them as well.
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    pack it in,i keep thinking it is back up for sale

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    Its what i been looking for.I have 2 Artimiss 2000 7x50 cracking scopes. But must save my pennies for HWV PUP Arriving end of september looks like i might have to miss the midland game fair. LOL
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    I have a meopta 2000 4x32 are they in your opinion also good?

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