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Thread: Defence Deer Management Initiative

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    Defence Deer Management Initiative


    Does anyone know about the DDM? I was wondering who is eligable for this scheme. I know you have to be part of the MoD, but does this extend to MoD civil servants or MoD contractors?


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    MOD Civil Servants and Military only, not MOD Contractors.
    If you are already a member of DDM as a Civil Servant and your job is then taken over by Contractors you may remain a member as long as you don't break your employment.

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    He will tell you the same, I was a member for the last 22yrs until I retired.
    If you read the article in Sporting Rifle some time ago, I had the area before the chap that starred in the article and I was the one that introduced him to DDM.

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    It's the services branch of the BDS and if you leave the services you largely lose your stalking rights. It's only open to the TA if they became a defence deer manager whilst a regular; you can not join as a TA member.

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    Please excuse my naievety (& pinko tendancies some may say) but isn't the land used by MoD personnel & thus stalked over by DDM members actually owned by all of us? I know some will argue that it is owned by HM Govt or the MoD but surely this means that you, me & all of us own it & should therefore have some form of access to it stalk? I'm sure that those of you who enjoy access through the DDM will wish to protect it but please perhaps think about those of us who find it difficult to find reasonably priced stalking & would welcome some (even limited) access to these large tracts of land. I would also argue that Forestry Commission land should also be included.
    I know my opinions will raise a few hackles ut I think it is about time some of these questions are addressed.

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    PC playing up double post

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    The problem is Labrador that most, if not all, of the MOD Estate is out of bounds to the general public for several reasons.
    Danger from UXBs, Training taking place or even dangerous terrain.
    As a result, the only personnel granted access are Military and Civil Servants who are subject to the Official Secrets Act and have been briefed on what to expect on the Estate and what, if any, action to take should they come across Training activity that is still senitive or anything else.
    The DDM, Defence Deer Management, (Services Branch of BDS) see it as providing a free service to the MOD to control and manage the Deer on the Estate for the benefit of the Deer and the Tenant Farmers that would suffer if the Population got out of control.
    It was some of the best stalking I ever did, rather strenuous sometimes but very rewarding in every way.
    Some Estates have been known to take as many as a thousand Deer from it and still not get on top of the problem.
    The stalkers keep the Venison to off-set their costs for vehicle repairs when running over shratnel and recovery from Tank tracks etc.

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    Sorry for the double post, the site is playing up again.
    I lost the page when I tried to post the first entry so had to log on again and could not see my entry so had to re-write and post it again.
    then when the site settled down up came both entries,

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    Hi EMcC,
    thought it wouldn't be long before I elicited a response which I thank you for!
    As a civil servant I am aware of the Official Secrets Act which if my memory serves me correctly entailed reading a form & two signatures.
    I am also mindful of the particular H&S hazards involved with MoD training areas although the bombing ranges on the wash are opened to local civilian wildfowling clubs.
    The question still remains though that these vast tracts of land are owned by all of us & yet are treated as a private sporting resource by the MoD. Now I would never argue for complete public access (picnickers on the artillery ranges etc) but surely the DDM & it's members could offer low priced accompanied stalking to the wider stalking public in return for the priviledged access that they enjoy.
    Perhaps someone in the management of the DDM might like to comment?

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