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Thread: Westcountry Reds on a wallow

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    Westcountry Reds on a wallow

    I've had a trailcam overlooking an active wallow for a few weeks and had a chance to retrieve the SD card tonight.

    Here are a couple of the pics:

    Attachment 18416Attachment 18417Attachment 18420

    Some big girls there!

    More to follow plus vids.
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    Nice photographs, keep them coming.

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    Lovely ,little fawn looks like he/is cooling down, beautiful pics

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    Couple of vids - how's the song go, "Mud, mud, glorious mud"!

    Some interesting social interaction within the groups on these and some of the others taken.
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    Here's a hind that I've seen away from the main groups over the last couple of years. I have a few earlier pics of her very late on, then she uses the wallow during the night, and the next day has a new arrival. The calf is a bit late born compared to the others.

    Attachment 18424

    There are other young males that have more impressive heads in terms of branching and visible points, but this fellow has a couple of very long spikes and is carrying some good bodyweight. There are a few like him - maybe some genes from the one I took a couple of years back which came in at 400lb+ on the hook are still around? He'll be off to join the other stags at their hangout around 6 miles away next year.

    Attachment 18425

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    Very good Orion thanks for sharing , what camera are you using ?. DF

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    It's an Ltl Acorn 5210. Works pretty well but I understand that there's a firmware update available that can fix some issues around low light periods when it can't make it's mind up with which mode to shoot in. I'll update it next time around.
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    good pics

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