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Thread: Feck it!

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    Feck it!

    I guess I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was,I've just snaped the locking ring on my Hobart mincer.........

    Snapped like a bit of toffee ! I've had to get one shipped over from USA,but,luckily it is still over 100 cheaper than getting one over here.


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    Looks like cast....probably weld that.
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    What size is it? (overall width) - might have an old one at work

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    Have you checked THE BAY there was a heap of spares for a Hobart recently including 2 or 3 rings...

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    If it's cast its easily weldable couple of quid an feck the 100

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    Well,now I know that! But,not till I sent the monies!!!!


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