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Thread: Re NSCC certificate.

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    Re NSCC certificate.

    Hi all,
    I was just wondering when the old NSCC certificate became invalid.
    BASC had told me that there had been a 5 year period when you could request a DSC1 certificate without doing the exam again, but I was led to believe by them that this had expired, so I did the whole course again last summer at Sparsholt, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it again as you always learn something new.

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    Around 2006 wasn't it?

    As mine had gone well past it's 'best before date' I did the DSC1 assessment only. Pretty much the same content IIRC other than the meat hygiene for the Trained Hunter bolt on.

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    I do not know.
    I left the UK in 2002 and I only heard about the change when I came back for the BASC Arran stalking scheme but the Scottish forestry officials were good enough to OK me for it as I also have had the full (not the simplified military) German Jagdschein since 1999.

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