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Thread: T3 Trigger

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    T3 Trigger

    Looking for a better trigger set
    for my Tikka T3,i dont know much about gun alterations any advice wod be appreciated

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    Arite Hole shot, get a proper rifle basics or a timney trigger, I think they are about 150. The reason I say this as my trigger on my gun has to be replaced due to it being unsafe. The guy that had it before me had fannied about with it and if you bump the rifle hard enough it will fire. I didnt know this until it went to the gun smith the other week and he let me know. Cheers Hootsman

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    Like the sako's, I don't believe there's a proper aftermarket trigger (I could stand to be corrected), but a sako TRG trigger should fit. you can also polish the sears properly (well, get someone to do it who knows how!) and lighten it either with the current springs or lighter replacement springs.

    if it's just a stalking rifle, you really should be fine adjusting the pull weight and having the sears polished to a crisp 2-3lb's, anything lighter than that and it's just not safe, esp. in winter with cold fingers.

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    If you adjust the T3 trigger I think you can get it to 2.5 lb without replacing it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxhunter View Post
    If you adjust the T3 trigger I think you can get it to 2.5 lb without replacing it..
    There is only trigger pull distance not weight adjustment

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    Ukgunworks do a spring kit for the t3. Quite cheap and lightens them a good bit and you can fit it yourself I think. Check them out.

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    i notice your in Perthshire. pop along to John Gellaty in Perth and he'll get your trigger spot on in 2 mins.

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    The T3 trigger is easily adjusted to a crisp near perfect release (like most other Sako / Tikka units), they do not need replacing, some need a little TLC perhaps.

    There is a guy selling springs on ebay if you want to lighten it further but you may incur issues with sear engagement / safety if you do change the springs,,,,,,I wouldn't if I owned a Tikka.

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