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Thread: helps lads please 243/270 or 308?

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    helps lads please 243/270 or 308?

    hi lads i,m hopeing u can help me out here i,m looking to get a new rifle but i,ve yet to decide witch one to go for at the mo i use a 223 ruger m77 mk11 lovely rifle and take,s care off the fox,s and roe deer nicely but i,ve been offerd a chance to shoot reds with a good friend and i,m stick on what to get i,ve got my meating in the next few weeks with my FAO and i need to decide before then.
    the shooting with me mainly open fields with a little hill side shooting . the down side to this is i,m going to have to think about cost but i do plan to start reloading soon so this should help me a little
    i know bullet placement is everything plus i know some place,s won,t let me use a 243 if i ever get a chance for that sort off shooting .308,s seem to be pretty common plus a little cheaper to get over the 270 .
    thanks lads

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    This question, or one very similar, comes up about every two weeks. Do a search and you'll get volumes.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    This question, or one very similar, comes up about every two weeks. Do a search and you'll get volumes.~Muir
    i,ve looked at a few threads with similar questions bud and they keep swaying from the calibre,s being asked this is why i,ve put it up .thanks for the heads up tho

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    Hi steven nice to see you on here mate
    The calibre question - everyone will give their opinion on which calibre "is best"
    Personally i use .223 for fox, .243 for small deer , .308 for large deer.
    The minimum for anything other than roe is .243 in scotland - so its up to you

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    go to your local shop(s) and find one that's ideally over a 6.5mm up to probably 30-06 or so - anything in between will be ideal.

    what I'm trying to say is - find one in that range that you really like, is in good condition, and more importantly 'feels right' in your hands, etc. then have that set aside and tell your FEO what calibre it is you want. The FEO shouldn't really care if it's 30-06 or 6.5 tbh.

    however, a 270 is good on any uk deer species, ok for some plains game, ok for boar, and can be taken to france, and ammo is available in all highland gunshops, so it has the 'edge' over a few others IMHO>...even though I'm a 30-06 man myself, but that is ONLY because the rifle I wanted just happened to be 30-06.

    In short, it really does not matter what calibre or chambering you pick, as long as it's sufficient to ethically take larger deer sized game and not so large it has a negative impact on your shooting style and ability to shoot accurately. What really matters is the rifle you pick and how it feels to you, the length of pull is right, the trigger sits right and is crisp, the line of sight alignment is good, the weight is suitable, the rifle inspires confidence, etc.
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    Some good advice from PKL there. As cost is an issue then you're right to look at .308 or .270 as it would appear that there is more choice of these at good prices second hand.

    Find the rifle first in the right condition and for the right price, then put in the variation. You can debate all week as to whether a .308, .30-06 or .270 is marginally better, but the one to go for is the best condition and best quality rifle in whatever broadly suitable cartridge you can find within your budget.

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    I was in the same position as you, didnt want a .243 as I think they are a bit pants, not enough for a big deer. Ive already got a .22-250 for foxing which I love and I just got granted a 6.5x55 Swede, I was going to go for a 270 or a 308 but the 6.5 fits the bill nicely.

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    270 will do all that you want bud may even kill the fox you missed the other night

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith View Post
    270 will do all that you want bud may even kill the fox you missed the other night
    esp. with some nitroglycerine dripped into the HP.

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