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Thread: Post a Target

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    Post a Target

    Hi Admin

    could you please explain how i can scan in a target and post on forum please.

    Kind regards Jimbo

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    hi jim, scan the target to file, then when you reply to a post click the emoticon 3 to the right from the smiley face, it says up load a file, select the file then click up-load

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    is that big enough for you jim!!

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    once you have scanned it to file you need to copy and paste it to your reply, thanks Dean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanandrew64 View Post
    is that big enough for you jim!!
    Thats brill thanks Dean sorry i did not write .243 on card it's a pity you did not put this card on the post that i wanted it. To show PKL how good the Tikka rifles are. Hope to see again Saturday .

    Last edited by Jimbo 30 06; 22-08-2012 at 17:26.

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    Hi Jim, yes have to get there very early saturday text me what time you setting off, yes the tikka t3 in .243 are a fantastic rifle and round for either deer or foxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BunnyDoom View Post
    .243 right, how many shots taken?
    4 shots fired Dean is a good shot with all his rifles. I was about to post some cards that i had shot but the printer i bought 2 years ago i though was a printer, scanner and copier but is a printer copier only so can't post the cards at minute but will think of someway to get them on. Maybe give them to Dean to post on for me.


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