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Thread: 3Ltr Air bottle

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    3Ltr Air bottle

    I have for sale a 3ltr air bottle i used for my FAC airgun which i have now sold, it is 232bar and is tested till March 2014, looking for 75, but will swap for anything interesting or a stalk within two hours drive of kent.


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    pity it was nae a 300 bar would have had it from you

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    never mind, better luck next time eh? I'm off up your way at the end of the month, me and the missus are staying in dunfirmline for a few days, never been there before,whats it like, more to the point, are there any good gun shops locally?


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    am no fae that end o the toon mate think the nearest shops would be perth and kirkcaldy mate

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    I've got mate who's after one,would you be interested in sending it north by courier? Or would royal mail do it
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