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Thread: .30cal Stainless ASE S5 Moderator

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    .30cal Stainless ASE S5 Moderator

    ASE S5 Moderator .30cal, but used on a .223 - 1/2x28 UNF thread to suit AR15/M4/M16 etc.....

    Nice quality Mod, 80 collected from Petworth (30 mins south of Bisley) in West Sussex, or 100 sent to your local RFD from there. Currently off my ticket and at my local RFD (in Petworth), pic below:

    Essentially the same as this: LINK, but a third of the price, and with a home sprayed coat of Duracoat matt black on it.

    Not sure on age, I have had it probably just under a year, but got it second hand, they are stainless though so its not going to be rusted out! I am having a shuffle about to use the same mod on all my rifles.
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    Still looking for a good home

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    what's the sleeve looking thing extending over the barrel?

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