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Thread: whats your fav iphone action/app??????

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    whats your fav iphone action/app??????

    hi guys & girls
    everybody who has a iphone has there favourite app or function. As you probably remember you dont get an instruction manual that tells you everything, it would be to thick and boring.

    The best way to find out what it is capable of is to talk to other users.
    What can you pass on??????

    i like the setting that speaks your text messages to you, comes in use when i cant find my glasses

    also love the fact i can go on internet without having to boot up the computer.

    whats your favourite ?????

    with thanks

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    McD's finder, I do like there drive thru coffee!
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotwild View Post
    McD's finder, I do like there drive thru coffee!
    You like any coffee

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    Well I love it all but I like the idea of the Bsafe app hopefully never have to use it but think its a clever idea, can't wait for the iOS 6 to come out lots of good features for our iPhones and iPads

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    viewranger is pricey but awesome. Great GPS tool with Ordnance survey mapping tiles. You can plot positions, i.e. leave a deer and come back to it or plot firing positions for a lost deer.

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    I've recently started using iHunt Journal (Android and iPhone) for recording successful stalks. For the past 3 years I kept as manual diary of every outing by way of building evidence (and knowledge). This year I have switched to just recording stalks where I am successful as 3-4 times weekly it has got a bit much to record it all (and I run out of interesting things to say about controlling bunnies on the same land week in, week out). I hunt Journal does this well enough.

    An idea though - has SD considered build an app to do the same? it could tie in with users' accounts and galleries nicely.

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    Ballistics fte or ISnipe, awesome apps

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    I like the Winchester Ballistics app - it's free and easy to use, not the most in depth but fine for the casual shooter

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambsey View Post
    Ballistics fte or ISnipe, awesome apps
    +1 on iSnipe. Amazing!
    damnant quodnon intelligunt

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    2 favourite apps are
    Istrelok - ballistic calculator for long range shooting, very very clever and easy to use.
    CSR Racing - Excellent racing game, free, and very good graphics, kept me entertained for hours that game.
    Around me - also very good, find whatever is near you, cash machine, cafe, pertrol station ect.

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