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    Notts Decoying

    Ok having spoken to the farmer today of the permission i shoot he informs me they are combining all the wheat this week. Is there anyone around that might fancy a day with me in the notts are near newark on maybe friday?
    this isn't definite as i may have to work. SGC and insurance please. I do have hide poles and decoys etc, but if you have your own gear that would be good and don't mind a dog as long as its well behaved. Please feel free to get intouch. Phil

    P.S - there is no guarantee as to how many pigeons you will shoot or see i will try and have a drive around in the next couple of days and see if anything is about and try and pick us a goodish spot.

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    Very kind and generous offer, I used to shoot lots of pigeons round the fulbeck area years ago and believe their are still large numbers about. Hope someone takes up your offer and you both have a good day.

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    What a great offer, just wish work wouldnt keep getting in the way. Hope someone takes you up on it. Good luck and all the best.

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    work does get in the way too much and i think i might have to work instead of shoot which is not good. Might try and get a day next week instead.

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    Pm sent

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