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Thread: tracking leads

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    tracking leads

    wondering is any one is interested in tracking leads and harness,es.
    leads in leather and nylon webbing
    harness in nylon webbing

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    Hello Poppins,
    I do not understand the question you are asking, what do you want to do? make them, sell them, or buy them from somewhere but do not have an address for the retailer.
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    I think Sylvia is asking if anybody wants to buy them. She can make them to order.

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    Just wondered as my pal in germany is one of the leaders in this field and he also makes them.
    Has anyone learnt how docken works? (tieing up the lead after using it) it is one of the traditions of dog tracking work in germany.

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    Do you mean the method of rolling it up and being able to attach it over the shoulder? It does work as it takes you about 5 minutes to unravel it!

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    Schweißriemen Brisko is the 12m long item, you can see what it looks like under
    I was helping him out on his retail stand at various shows for 5 years as a favour and he taught me how to do it when the trade was slow.
    But as I have not yet (work reasons) got a tracking dog I am getting rusty at it so I will have to persevere. He told me the main reason for doing this was to allow the dog to sit quietly by your side for 5-10 minutes as you wind it up to calm down the dog & you maybe after the track was over .
    Yes - only 5 min to do it, but it took me lots of practise until I become proficient at it.

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    these are not long leads
    will be puttings pictures on later this evening

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    I had a very good tracking lead and harness made by another person on this site sometime back. This was copied from the nylon harness sold in the bushwear catalogue. However after Todd going through two of these in less than a year I got a leather one made, which up to now is holding up ok.

    I would say that there is a niche market for your producing a good quality leather harness and lead, there seems to be a small but growing market for tracking dogs and therefore the equipment needed for them.

    Good luck
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    The above commente were one of the reasons I got a leather tracking lead and also a traditional leather collar for the hound. Although the biothene (think that is what they are made of) tracking leads that Widu and Wolverine use in fluorescent colours are very good and easily seen in poor light if dropped when following.

    I felt that a neoprene type harness would not stand up well to being rubbed through sitka and areas of clearfell. Others who use them may disagree. I was also told by several people that a nylon lead has a tendancy to pick up thistle, pine needles and other debris and can be a buuger on the hands if gloves are not used.

    I would be interested to know if a tracking harness could be made in all leather and lined with a softer leather, calfskin or something? Would it be cost prohibitive?

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    From my talks with my pal in germany who does over 60 searches for boar per year the AKAH leather collar are the absolute best available as they have never compomised on quality, but they cost - as always. With leather there is always the getting it wet issue. nylon avoids this.
    I think the stuff is already available in Europe so starting up the same business in the UK seems to me not worth it. I would suggest it will be best to go over to the Dortmund jagd & hund exhibition held in feb-march 2013 and see for yourself what is marketed there first before diving in blind.
    At the IWA trade show for the two years I did it, there were dozens of pakistani/indian types walking around trying to get our business to make for us the same stuff we were selling but mucheemuchee cheaper they copy existing design but are using low grade leathers and naff brass fittings so the market is pretty well saturated IMHO.

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