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Thread: Brianís optical bonanza! Scopes, binocs & draw scope

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    Brianís optical bonanza! Scopes, binocs & draw scope

    Brian’s optical bonanza! Scopes & binocs galore!
    All prices inc insured postage and are based on cash (if F2F) or bank transfer.
    I’m at the tail end of a bit of a change around and it’s time to clear the decks so here goes.

    Steiner Predator 8x30 binocs sold lenses unmarked and rubber body in excellent condition. The predator series has special wrap around eye cups and lens coating to maximise contrast between red/brown and green. These are super light, bright, very compact and waterproof. They are set once to the wearers eyes and never need to be focused again (from 20 yards out). These have been my stalking binocs for the last 4 years and carefully looked after. They come with a new padded neoprene strap. £145

    Helios Naturesport Premier 8x40 binocs sold These are effectively new in the box. I bought them as an impulse purchase and have just used them from the kitchen window a couple of times. They are a traditional set of porro binocs and are brilliantly bright and crisp for the money. These are £67 delivered from microglobe, mine are £45.

    Polarex roof prism 10x50 binocs. These are north american made by Unitron (branded as Polarex for Europe) over here Polarex are known for professionalastronomical telescopes and you can find them on google.
    I have had them for around 12 years and given them VERY light use and I paid £250-£275 as I remember. They are in excellent condition, at only 165mm total length. the small splash of silver paint is to highlight right eye adjustment. Hard case included. I had previously asked £130 for these but will let them go for £99.

    Optolyth 30 x 75 drawscope SOLDthis is something that I’d promised myself for years and after buying it from another SD member I just haven’t had the opportunity to use it in earnest. Condition is mint and glass is unmarked. A couple of dust specs internally but you have to remember that these scopes have to “breath” when opened and closed. £240.

    Nikko Stirling Platinum Eurohunter Nighteater 3-12x56 illuminated reticule. Apart from a small mark on the back of the eye bell outer ring this scope is in excellent condition & glass is perfect. You should be able to see the red illuminated cross, it was difficult to pick up in daylight with my camera. £150 or £165 including the 30mm sports match mounts pictured.

    MTC Taipan 6-24x56 IR SOLDThis is absolutely unmarked and as new. Any flecks on the photos are dust. The Taipan has red or green switchable IR, telescopic built in sun shade, lockable and ally scope caps. It also comes with the factory cap keys, a neoprene scope bonnet, 30mm split mounts and a detachable big (white box in foreground) wheel for the parallax adjustment £220. Only selling as I’m upgrading to a Zeiss on my HMR. This has the mill dot ret which I went for in preference to the Christmas tree as I think it gives a cleaner picture, you can't really make it out in the photo but the mil dots are circles not dots . Sorry I couldn’t get my camera to focus any better on the ret

    Simmons 44 mag 3-10x44 Apart from some very small rub marks to the turret caps this is as new. It has only ever been on my Krico .22 since new and carefully used and looked after. £90

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    hiya inbound about the helio,s,,ok,well of to get me some zzzzss,,ian

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    optolyth, Taipan, helios and steiners now sold

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