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Thread: Re new pickup truck

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    Re new pickup truck

    Hello all,
    Anyone considering buying the chinese Great Wall 13K startprice truck?

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    Looked over these trucks the inside and most of the outside are modelled on the Isuzu Rodeo. In fact the inside is almost exactly the same except the fittings are not so well made and rather flimsy. For the money they are a cheap truck, only the test of time will tell if they are able to compete in a well established market with Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota.
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    In the uk they have called it the steed, which is better than the Chinese branding - the wingle!

    Seafield motors in Inverness are agents, it,ll be interesting to see how they do compared to toyota, Nissan etc.
    They are a pretty low insurance at 7 a, maybe a consideration for younger drivers?

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    At the risk of being shot down....again.

    I bought the "upgraded" 15k version and so far am very happy with it. It's been off road a few times and coped with the mud etc well - I did change the standard road tyres for all terrain ones though. It's smart on the inside and yes if you compare it to a 30k truck - its a bit cheap and plastic but for me its a TRUCK not a car. Loads of space in it as well. Ride is good, engine unfortunately lacks power so you wont be racing past people on the motorway ... then again if you want to have a fast a fast car.

    There are some review on the interweb saying that in extreme conditions the 4x4 solenoid fails.... but they really are extreme so I'm not worried. I would prefer a lever to engage 4WD rather then a button but that seems to be the future.
    We have a defender 90 and an merc SLK - this is more comfortable. Had a surprising number of people asking about it as well... As Sikamalc says, time will tell. I would heartily recommend looking at one but cant say anything about longevity.

    Doesn't have a clock in it though and THAT is annoying!

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    In the Aus/NZ safety ratings they came out with the lowest safety rating possible.Alot of stuff is imported here from China, but Great Wall utes, are having a hard job breaking into the market.
    1/2 the price of equivilent Toyota and thats about all they can use as selling point.

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    I started off with a new Moskovitch van when I was 23 and looking for a reliable set of wheels (1973) it never let me down, cost new 600 quid but after 4 years I only got 90 quid for it.
    I guess great wall will have the same secondhand so they need to be run to the death.
    In germany the Brilliance big chinese limo (24K Euros) got such horrible Euro Ncap results that it was featured on all the news channels and so Brilliance had to give the car to Porsche engineering to fix so maybe great wall will go down that route.
    It seems to have the similar way of working to my Hyundai Terracan with an electric 4wd solenoid.

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    I would have though you would be better off getting a decent low mileage jab model that's what I did with my l200 and could not be more chuffed with it

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    I posted my thoughts after I test drove one several weeks ago ,I don't consider my l200 a power house of a truck but the steed was like driving a Hoover compared to that ,power aside a good truck but a bit dated .for my 13k + vat I could pick up a very nice motor elsewhere

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    Glad to hear the comments, I was thinking of a getting 2nd reliable vehicle to leave in the UK in a garage near stanstead so I can use easy jet type travelling, as the trip from Germany to Dover leaves me knacked for 2-3 days eachway every time I do it now. I am 62 years young now.
    I guess car rental will be the next route to take but that will be c**p offroad

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    The warranty might be a tipping factor in buying the Steed!. However in your case Martin, a good Suzuki Jimny would probably do most of what you want and go offroad. A quick look at autotrader would give you some idea. Good offroad and reliable with it. 5k would get you something pretty good. The price has come down a bit because for a while there were no new ones available because of the tsunami damage to the factory.


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