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    New member.

    A Londoner now staying in SW Scotland because of the fishing and stalking. A fanatical reloader since the early 1970 of handguns until we were all classified as criminals. Now reloading centre fire in .243 and.308 and thouroughly enjoying myself. Have two excellent loads for the .243 and a superbly accurate load for the .308.

    Syndicate member and lease holder for permissions in SW Scotland and will hopefully complete my Level 2 in the morning after five blank stalks. Is anyone else finding the clear fell/restock bare? All of my stalking is for woodland roe but hopefully will have the opportunity to stalk reds later in the year.

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    Welcome, spiker. I know your area well, I used to work there. Lovely area with plenty for the sportsman!

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    spiker welcome to the site

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    welcome spiker. hope you enjoy it here. good luk with ds2.

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