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Thread: Zeiss Dialyt 7x42 Bgat Binoculars

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    Zeiss Dialyt 7x42 Bgat Binoculars

    Zeiss 7X42 BGAT Classic Binocuars

    As new condition and covered by zeiss's lifetime warranty.

    Open to genuine offers of more than 470

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    The best binoculars ever made. So good that I bought a second pair new in box a couple of years ago for my father's 70th. Much better balanced than the modern zeiss, swaros etc. and fantastic optics. They only stopped making them because too expensive to make in that quality.

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    I found a pair in a charity shop! Reet good yorkshire price!!!


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    Yep can't deny, they are good bins, I bought a pair back in 1997 for 700, I soon up graded to the 7x45 night owls, top bins!

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    I thought it was in the rules that there had to be a price put on items for sale?


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    Yeah me too, i got a bollocking for not putting a price with the item the other day!

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    Indeed, 270Tommy, you'll need to chose a price or put on ebay mate, otherwise the powers-that-be will give you a rap over the knuckles.

    tbh, I've seen a similar pair lately in a pawn store for 500, as new condition, so you'll be looking for something in that region +/- I suspect.

    I also have a pair of these which I use now and again, and I can say they are phenomenal and will last numerous lifetimes.

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    270Tommy, pm sent thanks. Foss

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