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Thread: French visit for stalking in england

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    French visit for stalking in england

    Well it has been a very busy time on the shoot this year and the weather has not helped. What with the rearing and stalking we have beenvery busy. However even though we were busy it was decided that we should take a trip over to France to visit the shoots there which we use and also to checkout the accommodation and travelling times for some of our visits. I don’t like leaving anything to chance. I also wanted to have a look at the game and get more film footage for potential clients. So with this in mind we set off on theThursday morning for France via the shuttle from Folkestone. French David, No1 Daughter and I.

    Shuttle crossing was as smooth as ever and the driving in France was straight forward as the roads are excellent and there is very little traffic compared with England.

    The Hotel at CDG airport that we will be using for one ofthe trips was clean and tidy and ideal as somewhere to get a quick kip before driving on to the shoots for those flying in. This is a one off as we normally drive directly to the shoot , but as it was requested by one team we felt we should check it over.

    After booking in and having a meal we drove out to Paris to film the city at night for our American clients and as an added extra for UK clients in the future. Brownie points for those wishing to bring their wives!Having taken film and pics of all the major sights we left the city at around1.30am and headed back to the hotel. The next morning an early breakfast and away to another Parc and the vineyards at Chablis. First stop was the parc at Baville and we were greeted and taken around to see if we could spot and film some of the game there. We were not disappointed. In winter this is a wonderful area but in summer it is equally as good and although there is plenty of cover we saw some excellent animals. We were also invited to see the new dining rooms where larger parties of guns can be entertained. Next to visit our friends who run the wine tasting at one of our shoots. After an hours drive we arrived and were shown around the vineyards, and production area as well as the storage areas.This vineyard is producing 160,000 bottles per year alone.

    Having tasted just a little Chablis we bid them farewell and headed to Ancy le Franc and to our accommodation for the rest of the stay. After being greeted buy the owner we were shown to our chalet in the parc and then took the chance to walk out into the Parc and try to get more film. This worked well with my daughter taking still photos and me on the film with French David trying to move an animal or two into view.

    Having returned to the chalet we had a very leisurely evening meal after a very hectic 2 days.

    Next morning a good start and a good breakfast , a bit more filming and we were off to Beaune and to the Vineyards of the Bourgogne region of France. We visited a cellar that holds 60,000 bottles of wine from 1948 onwards and did a little more tasting, looked around the yards and the local villages.

    After an evening meal it was back to the reserve for our final night on this occasion.

    The next morning having had a short meeting and saying goodbye to our hosts we drove towards Reims and the Champaign region where we had a meeting with a new shoot. We were taken around to see what animals we could spot of which there were many and of excellent quality. After a sit down to discuss points we came upwith a deal that secured us as sole UK agents for this very large reserve.

    Altogether an excellent week end and we were back to see the closing of the Olympic Games with a glass of Chablis in hand! Cant wait to get back over there with our first team of this year.

    Here are a few pics of the weekend.


    Attachment 18468Attachment 18473Attachment 18474Attachment 18475Attachment 18476Attachment 18477Attachment 18478Attachment 18479Attachment 18480Attachment 18469Attachment 18470Attachment 18471Attachment 18472
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    Ahhh all that hard work .................................................. ............. but someone has to do it .

    Thank you for the photos they brightened up my morning no end.

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