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    quick question regarding lisenfield scopes. i have been looking at one of these, a 6x42 spezial. i relise these are old scopes and discontinued but have been told they are good reliable glass.

    Question is what would one of these scope be worth in good condition? £100, £150, £200 or £250? i really have no idea because cant find an up to date price of them.

    regards for ur help

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    They were about three quaters the price of a Schmidt (German) - I have one and it's still a cracking scope £175????

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    Hi Pablo.222,
    Contact beardy off the site, he bought an 8x56 spezial off me last year. Top quality glass mate. Another friend of mine borrowed it, he owns a S&B 8x56 and couldn't see any differance. Of course it depends on the condition. Mine was absolutely mint.
    Hope this helps.

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    I bought a new 6x42 from a bankrupt stock dealer in Germany but I could not get it to hold zero on my .270 Mauser. its in my old crap box now.
    They come up over here at 50 Euros ish, they were based near Nurnberg. But there is zero servicing possibility

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    Had one on my 25-06 for 10 years, superb scope for £165 back then - be aware tho that the reticule pillars are BIG and at any distance can obliterate the target, for short range woodland stalking its brilliant. Make sure you can get a look through it first and see if you like the reticule, mine busted and went in the bin as no repairs available, so bought a redfield revolution accurange 4-12x40 from opticswarehouse and havent looked back since.

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    I have just sold a 4-12X56 Lisenfield to my brother for£250, I think it was worth a bit more than that but family!!! As said good glass but crosshairs were big, easily seen in low light mind.



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    Had an 8x56 spezial on my 22/250 brand new over ten yrs ago and it was excellent sold it to a mate when I upgraded to a s/b for £150 a couple of yrs ago

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