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Thread: FC permit stalking in Scotland

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    FC permit stalking in Scotland

    Has anybody taken permit stalking with the Forestry Commision in Scotland? I have all the relevant info from their HQ at Inverness which looks very promising. However, the furthest north I have been is Dumfries so am completely at a loss as to what I might expect. Any advice gratefully received.

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    Not certain, but I thought all FC stalking in Scotland was by way of yearly leases only?

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    They used to have "stalking buddy" scheme here in D&G whereby you could accompany the F.C stalker in his duties and when he thought you were competent enough you were allowed out on your own...
    there was also a scheme which was for the summer stalking only where you paid a fixed monthly price for an area that was not being stalked by the F.C Rangers.. and you kept the carcasses.
    Don't know if they still operate these policy's but a call to the Head Ranger would soon clear this up..


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    Cheers Griff. Will do just that.

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